What is Symbiosis?

Symbiosis is the relationship between two or more groups or individuals. There or many different types of symbiotic relationships. The names are mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, amensalism, competition, mimicry, and neutralism. Each relationship either benefits both species, harms both species, has no affect on both species, or a different affect for each species.

Classification of Each Relationship

Mutualism: Both species benefit.
Commensalism: 1 species benefits, the other is unaffected
Parasitism: 1 species benefits, the other is harmed.
Amensaism: 1species is unaffected, the other is harmed.
Competition: Both species are harmed.
Mimicry: 1 species copies another, the other is harmed or unaffected.
Neutralism: Both species are unaffected.
This is a video for symbiosis happening in the oceans:

Aquatic Relationships Are:

Clownfish - Anemone
Barnacle - Whale
Aquatic Turtles - Algae
Eel - Coral
Remora - Shark
Wrasse Fish - Bass
Nomeous Fish - Man-o-war Jellyfish
Remora and Shark
Clownfish and Anemone
Eel and Coral

Below is a game that can be a form of symbiosis. If you think of it, the game can be a form of parasitism. The pad and the ball have to hit and destroy the blocks to go on to the next level. The pad and ball benefit by advancing another ;eve;, and the blocks are harmed because they are destroyed